When selecting residential or commercial flooring contractors, you want to be sure that you are putting your home renovation in the right hands of a professional and reliable company. While of course, you want the contractor’s price to fall within your budget, it is also important to analyze the company’s values, their floor system, warranty policy, and installation team. Read more to learn about what questions you should be asking and the details to consider before hiring a contractor for your home.

4 Tips: Selecting Residential and Commercial Flooring Contractors

1. Choose the Right Floor Coating Company

The first aspect you should consider is the company itself. You want to make sure that the company has a mission statement that aligns with your own values on how you would like them to conduct business. You’ll want to ask how long the company has been around and look into their reputation. It would be a good idea to check out their reviews and ask for references you could speak to personally. The best way to really be sure of a company’s quality is to see some of their previous work and installations if this is possible.

Additionally, you should also confirm that the contractor you hire has been certified in the flooring system they are installing. This ensures they have received proper and ample training prior to installing your new floor. You may also want to consider the direction of the company and whether or not they are growing and expanding within their professional field. A good way to understand the core values of a contracting company would be to look at how they treat and train their employees. You are looking for a company that continues to learn and develop their installation philosophy as new methods are discovered and training are offered. If you have a more complex home installation project, typically it’s recommended you look for a contractor that has experience in the industrial installation field in addition to residential, as this experience can be crucial for more advanced projects.

2. Choose the Best Flooring System

The next element of a contracting company to consider is the type of resin they use for their flooring system. The best resins for application provide high adhesion, UV stability (non-yellowing), flexibility, and long-term durability. You don’t want to choose a company that uses cheaper or incompatible materials and risk the quality and durability of your new floor. One way to analyze the types of resins used by a company is to find out the percentage of solid content in the resin. You can ask to look at the resin data sheets to check out various test data, and you are looking for a higher solid content. Typically, the higher the percentage of solid content in resin, the thicker the floor will be when it cures. While this also means the floor will be more expensive, it will be of sound quality and will last in your home for longer.

3. Understand the Warranty

While a company’s warranty is notable, its core values are more important. This is because, if a company does not have strong core values about their operating procedure and mission statement, they may not hold true to whatever warranty policy they have advertised. A long warranty is beneficial, but a company with no core values or integrity may not honor it. After you have decided that you support a company’s core values and you are analyzing their warranty, you may notice that most companies exclude cracking and moisture. This means that if your floor delaminates or the coating comes off the floor because of either cracking or moisture, the warranty will most likely be voided. A lot of contractors tend to blame moisture for many poor installations.

The best way to fully understand the scope of a company’s warranty policy is to contact previous customers and ask how the warranty was handled for their floor. This will tell you a lot about the company and is a great way to make sure you protect yourself from a company that does not value its customers.

4. Check the Installation Team’s Experience

The final element of a contractor to consider is their installation team. Even if the flooring system is incredible and the warranty is fair, a poor installation team can completely ruin your floor and experience with the company. You should know what employees are on your team and what the scope of their experience looks like. How many floors have they installed, what does their previous education and training look like, and what is their position in the company? It may not be wise to agree to an installation team full of new apprentices who haven’t installed many floors prior. If a company is not willing to share this information with you, you can assume that maybe their installation team is not as experienced, and you should look elsewhere.

Hire a Black Rhino Residential and Commercial Flooring Contractor

At the end of the day, you want to investigate the flooring contractor and ask questions in order to make the best and safest possible decision you can for a long-term flooring solution. Here at Black Rhino Flooring, we invite our potential customers to explore our many years of history and ask questions about our well-qualified teams of residential and commercial flooring contractors. We believe in transparency and strive to make your flooring installation as pain-free and professional as possible. If you are looking for a contracting team with the certifications, materials, and experience to deliver a quality and durable floor, contact Black Rhino Floors today to receive your free quote!

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