Hospitality & Restaurant Floor Coatings

Easily Cleaned and Striking Hospitality & Food Service Floor Coatings

Hospitality, Food Service & Restaurant Floor Coatings

High impact, engaging design, warmth, fashion forward, easy to clean and long lasting are all words and phrases used in the Hospitality and Restaurant industries when designing their facilities. The style of your concrete hospitality and restaurant floor epoxy and floor coatings can help redefine a space. From restaurants and hotels to casinos, resorts, commercial kitchens ect , the right flooring system can showcase dramatically expansive architecture, create a homey feeling in a cozy corner, welcome visitors with  company floor logos or even direct traffic in public walkways.

Hospitality Reception Area with Epoxy Floor Coating

Our self-leveling epoxy and polishable overlayments are perfect for creating memorable spaces designed around a unified theme. Many of these retail-oriented spaces require long operational hours and few down hours needing to be considered when recommending and planning for a new epoxy flooring system. Thankfully, resinous flooring has made such great chemistry advancements, none of these stumbling blocks are insurmountable.

If you’re creating a cool, urban, industrial feel and would like to incorporate a mechanically polished commercial floor, it is a “green” process and one available for “LEED” points if you participate in that program. If LEED points don’t interest you, there are many other benefits associated with a mechanically polished floor. Applying green practices to your space can lead to energy and cost savings, better indoor air quality, and better distribution of light. Studies have revealed those that work in a building with the listed benefits like have increased productivity, reduced sick leave days and betters the companies turn-over rate. On the retail side, higher sales in day-lit, clean floor store. Along with all of the day to day benefits for the students, employees and customers, it also provides tax credits and benefits.

These floors have become increasingly more popular and regularly specified by the architectural and design community due to its vast color array and design flexibility. No more boring gray floors…the artistic flexibility has become unlimited . Go for it, shoot for the stars, design a floor no one forgets.

Looking to help your hospitality and restaurant floors resist stains and look great!

The Benefits of Black Rhino Coatings:

  • Beautiful (color and design flexibility)
  • Resists food stains
  • Resists acid stains
  • Resists bacterial and odor growth
  • Quick installations
  • Seamless
  • Anti-microbial
  • Temperatures do not affect the longevity of the floor
  • Can use on a flat or sloped floor (ramps, steps and drains)
  • Slip resistant
  • Reduce your labor and chemicals needed for cleaning
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Meets or exceeds ADA and health regulations
Polished Concrete with Decorative Curve

Commercial Kitchen Floor Coatings

By having a kitchen floor coating that can be quickly sanitized in an efficient manner, restaurants can make a noticeable difference in staff morale, efficiency and labor costs.

We understand how heavily used and abused kitchens are and at the same time must maintain high environmental regulation standards. Eliminating the tile and grout, reduces the area for bacteria growth which always requires a significant investment in human resources for cleaning while not fully removing the bacteria at its root level. Stop throwing away money, either seal your grout with our floor sealer or consider our flake/quartz impervious floor systems. This will give you a waterproof, slip resistant, antimicrobial and stain resistant floor for your commercial kitchen.

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Walk In Cooler and Freezer Floor Coatings

Walk-in coolers and freezers have very much of the same health regulations and overall functions as the commercial kitchen, however the disadvantage with these areas are the working temperatures that need to be maintained throughout the installation process. Many restaurant owners select tile and grout for their walk-ins which present many issues over time. Temperatures needed inside walk in coolers and freezers overtime will compromise the flooring structure of the typical tile and grout choices. The different materials used in the manufacturing of tile and grout expand at different rates and can cause cracks which eventually loosen the tile, leaving you with a failed floor. When restaurants use steam or hot water to clean, water penetrates all cracks and crevices which begins the process of mold and bacteria growth. To prevent this, a perfect option is one of our proven seamless resinous flooring systems.

Seamless resinous floors outperform ceramic tile and grout!
Black Rhino Floors has partnered with a globally recognized flooring system manufacturer with a proven product package for below zero temperatures. While it’s tough on our team to install these systems, we’ve been trained and certified for projects as demanding as these. No reason to dread those Health inspectors and regulations, install one of our resinous flooring systems and you will pass with flying colors.

Hotel and Resort Floor Coatings

In a crazy, competitive, fast pace travel industry, people need to trust that the place they rest their head is clean while looking great. What do hotel owners and chains do to differentiate themselves from there competition? Clearly price helps, reward points, free wi-fi, free breakfast, pools and fitness rooms… but it is getting more and more difficult to stand out when most hotels and resorts already implement them. Reviews and photos online are another way to garner trust with future customers based on the merit of a past customers great experience.

To create stand apart, hotel owners have to consider design. Within the interior design world, the floor is often called “the fifth wall” – an area that cannot be ignored and one that should receive just as much if not more attention then the other four walls of a room. Discriminating guests expect a unique experience wherever they stay, and an original floor design can make a strong contribution. The right hotel flooring can be the foundation for an overall five-star patron experience, especially if it is anti-microbial as well as resist stains and odors.

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring over Carpeting?

While carpet provides a certain warmth and homey feel, there’s nothing worse than having a ugly, dirty carpet with odors trapped in the fibers. Some hotels are looking for fashion forward, eye-catching, upscale floor systems to replace their current labor intensive system. Cleaning, repairing and replacing carpet can be a huge expense that burdens hotels, so let’s look at some alternatives. Our epoxy floors will create a high-end look that has the ability to draw a visual close to that of marble.

Gray Marble Epoxy Floor closeup

By selecting a resinous hard floor, you greatly minimize the issues. You can reduce your labor costs, chemical usage, floor replacement costs, and increase your indoor air quality and safety. At Black Rhino Floors, we have a solution for your front lobby, laundry room, bathrooms, conference rooms and tables and pool rooms. Together we can develop a very cost effective solution that outperforms other systems. Our floors withstand the test of time. If you’re looking for an extremely long lasting floor, non-porous, non-absorbent, one that will resist stains from food and beverage spills, personal care products or bodily fluids, check out our epoxy and overlay systems.

Many of the hotels across the country offer “pet friendly” rooms and facilities. Our epoxy and overlay floor systems offer the best solutions for an offer like this. You no longer need to worry about pet hair or urine, it sweeps and cleans up very easy. As the hotel management and staff, you will no longer have to work through the difficulties of removing pet odors… there is nothing for the odors to be trapped into with our seamless offerings that resist stains, odors and are anti-microbial.

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