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Fix Your Cracked, Pitted, or Flaking Garage Floor

Southeast Wisconsin / Milwaukee Garage Floor Refinishing

After many years, any garage floor will need resurfacing in Wisconsin.  Most garages start with unsealed or poorly sealed concrete.  It is unlikely you heat your garage all winter long, making it endure the freezing and thawing cycles that can cause cracks to form.  And any Wisconsinite knows the slush that falls off your car is going to drop off and let the salt eat away at the concrete.  The damage to your garage floor may look bad, but left untreated, we both know the concrete is only going to get worse.

Here is the good news.  Almost every garage floor can be saved by resurfacing the concrete by adding a new top surface.  Minor damage to your garage floor can be fixed by filling in the cracks, preparing the surface to receive a new top coat, and adding an epoxy or urethane coating.  Garages with more damage almost always can still be saved by adding a layer of epoxy or urethane mortar instead of a liquid epoxy.

We use products for your garage floor resurfacing that are durable, so durable that your garage floor will likely be stronger and more stain resistant than when it was new.  We use products used to coat the concrete in warehousing facilities, manufacturing facilities, car dealerships, and airplane hangars.  If our coatings and finishes can withstand heavy duty traffic in these facilities, just think of how long your garage will stay looking beautiful.

Crack in Concrete

A concrete crack that is easily fixed with your garage resurfacing.

Garage Floor Coatings - Flake Finish

Flake Finish Used in Garage Floor Coatings

Most folks tell us, “I tried a coating and it was there for only a short time.  Will your coating last?”  That question is a great one to have.  The biggest problem most folks have with their garage coatings is how the coating separates from the concrete over time.  The “secret” to ensuring the coating stays on the old concrete is the preparation of the concrete.  Even if you pressure washed the concrete ahead of time, it often isn’t enough to prepare the concrete to bond with the new coating.  We use specialized equipment and industrial diamonds to prepare your concrete for refinishing.  You will get a long-lasting coat on your concrete, and we back it up with a guarantee that your new floor will last for years to come.

We resurface a lot of garage floors.  The benefit of a Black Rhino garage floor is that your garage floor can be stronger when we are done with it then when the concrete was first poured.  We have coatings and finishes that are incredibly strong, chemical resistant, easy to clean, slip resistant, and we can do all sorts of things to make your garage floor look beautiful or have a “cool factor” like marble swirls, decals protected under a clear finish, and more.

Resurfacing your garage floor protects your investment and definitely improves the look of any garage.  It is a great way to revitalize an old, tired looking garage by making the floor look and feel like it is brand new.

The best news is, our garage floor resurfacing is a lot cheaper than having someone break up the concrete and repour the slab.  It generally takes us only one to three days to resurface a garage floor, depending on the current condition of the concrete and the coating chosen.

Is a Black Rhino garage floor resurfacing right for you?  The only way to find out is to give us a call to discuss your options today!

What to expect from Black Rhino Floors – Our Process


Step 1 - Qualifying

Our first conversation will be over the phone to make sure our floors are right for you and to begin narrowing down what will work best for your needs.


Step 2 - Consultation

Our next meeting will be at your garage. We will assess your garage floor.  We can then discuss the garage coating type, desired outcome, our process, timing, color selection, pricing (formal proposal is emailed), moisture test, and what we need from you in order to deliver a successful garage floor refinishing project (removal of all items from the garage, power and material disposal).


Step 3 - Final Color Selection

We may need another meeting to present our custom color boards if required based on the garage coating type, application and your want for a custom color blend. See popular color options online.


Step 4 - Schedule the Installation

You approve our proposal (hurray!) and the project is scheduled.


Step 5 - Day of Installation

Our professionally trained team will arrive on time the day of the installation. Installation time varies based on surface prep and what needs to happen to refinish your floor, but generally a refinishing project will take one to three days.


Step 6 - Surface Clean & Prep


Step 7 - Floor Installation

Once we’re finished you’ll absolutely love your new garage floor, we guarantee it!

Are you considering refinishing your garage floor? Allow our great staff to layout the best options for you to choose from, you will be delighted.  Call 262-573-0428 today!

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