Floor Surface Preparation

Experienced Floor Covering Removal and Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation for Floor Coatings

Time for a new residential, commercial or industrial floor coating/covering? New and existing buildings both require a flattened floor with the proper CSP (Concrete Surface Profile) for proper adhesion of the new floor coating/ covering.

In the most basic sense, your existing floor needs to have its existing covering removed in order to install a new covering. This sounds easy but can be extremely difficult if the glue or mastic has not been broken down by usage. When removing VCT , ceramic tile or carpeting the most efficient method is done with specific equipment. While a small room can be accomplished with some hand tools, it’s most helpful to have powered equipment.

Floor Surface Prep
Black Rhino Floors provides several concrete floor services regardless of whether or not we are installing the new floor. With that said, since our expertise lies with installing world class resinous flooring systems, we could easily provide seamless service from surface preparation through maintenance for your floor longevity.

Need help preparing your floor surfaces for durable & beautiful coatings!

Our Floor Surface Preparation Process:

Project Preparation

  1. We establish location, schedule and completion date with our customer
  2. We schedule our equipment and team
  3. If special equipment is needed, we arrange the delivery of this as well (waste containers, generators, lighting, protective or special equipment)


  1. Remove covering (if a customer has 9”X9” VCT, most likely it is asbestos. Black Rhino will inform our customer of this so they can test it). We use our powered equipment for this stage.
  2. If we are removing carpet with. We will cut the tack strip as opposed to pulling the strips to minimize concrete floor damage.

Surface Preparation

  1. Remove the existing mastic, adhesive, glue, yellow glue, setting bed, paint, epoxy or urethane.
  2. At this stage we begin to utilize our concrete grinding machines to create the proper CSP (Concrete Surface Profile) for the floor system that has been selected. Each flooring system has their own CSP standards that need to be achieved. We start by using a PCD metal tool, grind the floor and the perimeter (edges). When the entire floor is complete, we change out the tooling to a 6 grit diamond and run this on the entire floor along with hand grinder to reach the edges. We will then use 16 grit diamond tooling as the last step of the surface preparation stage.
  3. If Black Rhino Floors were awarded the installation of one of our flooring systems, we then would move to the next step which is the grinding phase. It is in this phase the floor is ground with 3 sets of different grit diamonds. All pitting, spalling, cracks, joints and trenches would be fixed with various products specifically engineered for Black Rhinos use in fixing each one of these floor flaws.

At Black Rhino Floors, we look forward to earning your business and trust to provide your floor demolition and surface preparation needs. If you’re considering a project, give us a call, we sure would like to meet with you to discuss your project and provide you with the solutions needed.

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