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Concrete Floor Services

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Black Rhino Floors has taken a holistic approach to our concrete flooring services. There are many contractors who cannot invest in the equipment required to remove floor coverings and coatings to prepare the surface for the flooring installation. We understand some people aren’t looking to replace their floor but simply want an easier, less costly way to maintain their existing floor.

Black Rhino Floors can manage many aspects of your flooring projects through our concrete floor services such as the demo of your old covering, installation of your new flooring system, and more.

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What is the benefit of having one company handle all your concrete floor services and concrete coating services?

  • One point person for all communication makes communication (and life) easier
  • You get a seamless removal and installation of your current floor or floor coatings.
  • One company manages equipment and labor for your flooring services
  • No one else to point the finger at if something goes wrong – we take responsibility for your floors
  • Less paperwork – one proposal and one invoice
  • Lower overall project cost

Our Concrete Floor Services Include:

Concrete Floor Surface Preparation

Nothing gets done without concrete surface preparation. If you have a new concrete surface, in order to have proper adhesion, you need to meet certain concrete profile standards for each type of flooring installation whether it’s a resinous or non-resinous floor.  This is achieved by grinding the floor with a concrete grinder. If you have an existing surface with VCT, ceramic tile or carpet, that needs to be removed along with the adhesive, when removed this floor will need to be ground to meet a CSP (Concrete Surface Profile) based on the flooring you selected.

Concrete Floor Mortaring

If your floor has significant damage, we often can save you from having to remove and repour concrete.  We can patch the floor with a concrete mortar to make it perform like new.  In some situations, such as high traffic floors in industrial settings, we will mortar the entire floor instead of just where there is damage.  Mortaring the entire floor creates a high level of durability that is often superior to just coating the concrete floor that is already in place.

Concrete Floor Stencils & Graphics

We know branding… we have a team member that has spent years in the marketing world and is using that skill set to enhance our customers brand impact which is why we’ve added this service to our menu. With floor graphics and stencils, your floor becomes a great place for brand reinforcement and loyalty. Our team takes your brand standards serious and looks forward to implementing them throughout your facilities flooring surfaces. Don’t overlook this great way to impact your visitors, prospects or customers.

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