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Highly Durably Manufacturing & Warehouse Floor Coatings

Manufacturing & Warehouse Concrete Floor Coatings

Keeping manufacturing and warehouse floor coatings looking good can be one of the most challenging tasks on the planet. Few floors take the beating these floors have to endure from forklifts, pallets, heavy machinery and chemical spills. The world class flooring systems Black Rhino Floors has partnered with are specifically engineered and have  proven themselves to perform in these multi-shift environments where downtime comes with a premium. Our industrial floor coatings are not only extremely durable, but quick to install making down time as minimized as possible.

Looking to make your manufacturing and warehouse floors durable and easy to maintain!

Production & Manufacturing Plant Flooring

What comes to mind when you think of your production or plant floors? Repetitive wear… Pounding… Dirty… Hard working… Long Hours… Tough. This is true for many facilities as well as the electronics, pharma, food and chemical plants that require extremely clean facilities and still need an impact resistant, weight bearing, beautiful and easily cleanable floor.

Our resinous, epoxy floor coatings were built for you. Black Rhino Floors has a team and equipment to service your facility in a timely manner and return the floor back to service as quickly as possible. Our customers often run a 24/7 operation which requires proper planning and communication with the facility manager to make timely floor applications. While we enjoy installing in brand new facilities, we realize that this does not always happen in the real world. Often, requirements to ensure your production and plant floor has minimal disruption in service during the preparation, installation, maintenance and longevity of the floor.

What are the benefits of our concrete epoxy floors?

  • High End Looks
  • Gloss – Aids light reflectivity and brightens the area
  • Impact Resistant
  • Oils & Solvent Resistant
  • Easily washable
  • Great branding flexibility with corporate colors and logos
  • Improves workplace morale and culture with clean work
  • Safe – slip resistant
  • Reduces dust
  • Workflow and work cells can be easily marked
  • Safety lines and colors available
  • Abrasive and able to endure the heavy traffic
  • Facility cleanliness helps in the sale of more work due to
          increased perception of professionalism (increased revenue)
Polished Concrete Acid Stain with Logo

Loading Docks

You know the endless back and forth traffic/abuse this area takes from forklifts, hand trucks, crates, bins, boxes and pallets. Install a floor that looks incredible for long seasons of time with less time and money spent maintaining it. Often, floors do not wear out before they ugly out. Our floors not only handle the abusive environment, they look great as well. These areas are great for capitalizing on our floor graphics to align the employees with corporate initiatives whether safety, environmental or personnel… look for ways to daily engage and remind them of your initiatives.

When Black Rhino Floors is called in to help provide a solution for a floor, that floor may have already been through a war; all types of cracks, uneven areas and spalling. This may require a high tensile repair with a overlayment or micro-topping to deliver the best, long term solution to our customer. Whatever the case, these products offer incredible design and traction flexibility.

Regardless of the existing condition, Black Rhino Floors will provide the honest answers our customers are looking for even if that means a repair outside the product mix and expertise we provide… ultimately this is how we run our business and our life, integrity over a dollar.

Cutting, fabricating, or finishing machine shops flooring in factories need to last. These floors need to be fully resistant to all oils, grease, solvents and chemicals as well as structurally hold up to the weight of the heavy equipment used including pieces like hydraulic press brakes, shears, lazers, plate and profile rolls, plasma cutters and saws. These machines not only are heavy but during the operation require your floor to be solid and have the proper adhesion to the existing slab.

If your an owner of a small machine shop, all the more important that you install a floor that holds up to your everyday activities and can be cleaned easily by the operators rather than hire a cleaning or maintenance staff.

Machine shop floors need an industrial epoxy coating to hold up to these elements:

  • Cutting oils, machining fluids
  • Tools or parts
  • Stationary or wheeled equipment
  • Production loads and impact
  • Chemicals and moisture
  • Metal shavings

Warehouse and Storage Floor Coatings

Concrete surfaces pitt, spall, crack and begin to wear down under the normal heavy traffic in a warehouse and storage facility. Each of these facilities could be storing any number of things such as dry storage, liquids, metals, plastics, electronics, medical, and food in temperature or humidity controlled environments.

Black Rhino Floors coatings are designed to give you a system that protects your warehouse and storage floors from all of these conditions and will also provide a floor that’s seamless and minimizes cracks and crevices where dirt, grime and bacteria build up. Our floors will provide an easy to clean, durable and great looking surface.

This is also another great place to utilize and build your brand by incorporating your corporate brand standards… colors and logos. Floor graphics are often overlooked, it’s an easy area to begin to separate yourself from the competition. When prospects or customers visit your facility, first impressions matter and floors are proven to be a huge part of that.

Polished Concrete Acid Stain Warehouse Storage

Black Rhino Floors also provides maintenance tips and recommendations with our floors. While our floor coatings are as close to maintenance free as you’re going to get, all floors require it. If you choose to follow our recommendations, you will experience how easy it is to keep clean with significant savings on labor and virtually no need to use strong or caustic chemicals to clean. Our recommended floor cleaner is gentle enough to use on fabric yet strong enough to clean up almost any type of spill. The other advantage of our “all purpose” cleaner is that it’s not only made for your new resinous warehouse or storage floor, but it’s also a perfect cleaner for any of your existing floor coverings like carpet, VCT, marble, or ceramic tiles. This cleaner can be used with a dry method for carpet to restore them back to like-new within an hour and at the same time having the capability to deroot all bacteria from your grout in your restrooms, restoring a clean, fresh smell. Urine is tough to clean from grout and requires a cleaner as strong as we have here at Black Rhino Floors.

The last step in converting other hard surfaces into virtually a maintenance free surface after cleaning it, is to apply our flexible glass like penetrating sealer.

The team at Black Rhino Floors looks forward to helping provide floor coating solutions for your warehouse and storage areas. Whether you are considering a new floor or looking to restore existing hard surfaces, we can save you time and money.

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