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Ultra Durable, Easily Maintained & Beautiful Retail and Office Floor Coatings

Retail Floor Coatings & Office Floor Finishes

Retail store and office floor surfaces need extreme wear resistance combined with unique designs that compliment the theme of the space. Don’t underestimate how much your floor coatings affect first impressions and the overall feel of your space. If customers and clients are affected positively, it is proven that it will affect your store or business sales.

An eye catching, mouth dropping, commercial floor coating can also be durable, safe and easy to maintain. Our industrial strength floors are built specifically for this type of space in mind, requiring durability against the daily wear and tear of high levels of foot or cart traffic.

Retail Epoxy Metallic Floor Coating

Whether you want a marble, glitter, metallic or even certain objects to be entrapped in the resin for a desired look, our systems will work for you. The end result is the best floor system for your commercial space or office.

Looking to make your retail and office floors durable and beautiful!

The Benefits of Black Rhino Coatings:

  • Beautiful
    No Matter what theme or clientele you attract, we have a stunning, beautiful floor system for you.
  • High Return on Investment
    Despite the beauty of our floors, they are also some the world’s most durable. They will engage your audience and last a very long time.
  • Easy to maintain
    We give you long lasting beautiful floors that are easy to maintain, reduce labor and eliminate chemicals!
  • Safe
    Beautiful, high-performance, long term low cost floor coatings will also provide a safe floor for your customers.
  • Versatile
    Color options, textural variety, unlimited design options and many price points give you the flexibility you need to create a unique, lasting impression.
  • Green “LEED” Points
    When selecting a mechanically polished concrete floor, you are creating a space that is high end and pleasurable to spend time in along with being friendly to the environment.
Office Epoxy Table Coating
Epoxy Coatings are Great for Tables Too!

Retail and Department Store Flooring with Epoxy and Overlayments

Along with extreme durability and wear resistance, the flooring texture and look must compliment the space. When considering the various departments within a store, each type of flooring needs to support the entire retail space, lighting fixtures and displays. While the same flooring system can be used in multiple retail areas, there might be specific requirements or design elements needed for each department. Whatever the requirement, Black Rhino Floors represents some globally recognized, world class epoxy and polishable overlayment floor systems that will work well in any retail space.

Boutique Store Floor Coatings

While it’s important for department stores to build cohesion between departments, walls, fixtures and displays, this is really high on a small boutiques list. The boutique store generally has a smaller footprint and is typically more concerned about the mood felt when entering than a department store is. The floors chosen for installation plays a substantial role in bringing together themes and impact on their customers.

Black Rhino Floors has a variety of overlayments, micro-toppings, and resinous epoxy systems that include some very economical options while achieving really great-looking floors. On the higher end of the spectrum, if you combine a self-leveling, polishable overlayment with some mirror chips or reflective components, the floors really come to life. The correct flooring choice and design will help provide the appropriate aesthetics and durability that will aid in your overall sales and marketing plan.

Gold Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating closeup

An additional branding bonus is to add your logo, tagline or even a pattern that unifies your overall interior design. Whether you sell shoes, apparel, jewelry, fragrances or art, give your customers an unforgettable experience of a lifetime when they walk into your store.

Bakery and Deli Floor Coatings

Everyone loves the smell of freshly baked bread and of course you need something to put on that bread. Bakeries and Delis go hand and hand. Both of these high foot traffic environments require traction, durability and liquid resistant floors. Both of these locations have kitchen facilities with drains and require easy cleaning. The best floor coating to install in this situation is a seamless one that makes it difficult for dirt and food to get trapped in seams or cracks allowing for bacteria and odor to grow. These seamless floors are easily maintained and look great. No longer do you have to settle for a sterile, boring looking floor to achieve durability and ease of maintenance. Black Rhino Floors has great options for your bakery and deli floor coating needs.

Supermarket Floor Coatings

Many supermarkets and grocery stores have incredibly high amounts of foot traffic, shopping carts and pallet jacks, making this one of the toughest environments for any floor type. Many of these facilities have VCT or ceramic tiles installed which require a very costly and time demanding maintenance regiment. VCT is inexpensive to install but the life cycle and long term maintenance costs make this flooring choice a dismal at best. The advantage of working with Black Rhino Floors is that we have a solution for your existing floor to reduce your overall maintenance costs and take advantage of the possible lower life cycle cost. With that said, if you have a new facility, looking for more design flexibility and a lower life cycle cost than your existing floor, Black Rhino has options for you.

Once we fully understand the demands of your environment, we will be able to make appropriate recommendations on a floor system for you. The most commonly chosen floor is a mechanically polished concrete with an acid based stain (consider a floor graphic) and a slip resistant seal coat. This option will provide the durability for the heavy foot traffic, shopping carts, pallet jacks stain resistance and ease of maintenance.

Black Rhino Floors understands the harsh wear that presents itself day in and day out in a supermarket / grocery store. We at Black Rhino Floors have options for your high foot traffic sales floor, employee lunch/meeting rooms and the 24/7 operational freezer / cooler areas that have portions of the floor visible to the customer. We even have great options for your loading docks to protect from salt and fork lift traffic. Each one of these environments require different floors and sealers that can withstand the low temperatures and fast return to service environments.

Another crucial area that can hinder a customers return to your store are the restrooms. Many of these have a ceramic tile flooring with grout being one of the most unsanitary parts of the floor.  Grout loves to attract everything from dirt to bacteria, causing foul odors. Black Rhino Floors has a solution for this, we’ve lived in your shoes with years of experience as facility managers for a large nationwide grocer.

Movie Theater Floor Coatings

Keeping movie theater floors clean and not sticky from spilled sodas and food is a demanding task that requires constant attention. With Black Rhino Floors’ epoxy resin floor coating, movie theater guests enjoy sanitary, comfortable surroundings while enjoying the show.

Epoxy Floor Coating Protects Against Spills and More!

Movie theaters are subject to heavy foot traffic in all kinds of weather conditions. Whether they are trampled by pointed stilettos or muddy rock filled shoes on a rainy day, movie theater floors must resist scuffs and scratches from them all.

Between stain resistance, a limited need for maintenance, and reduction of slips-and-falls, Black Rhino Floors epoxy floor coating solutions help ensure floors can sustain heavy traffic while retaining the appearance of “like-new” flooring for years to come.

The entertainment industry has some stiff competition with home based programs. Theater owners need to stay at the top of their game and provide the best environment they possibly can. This is why you see reclining chairs, food service deliveries, restaurants and many newly remodeled facilities. Our floors greatly help theater owners maintain a comfortable, clean, enjoyable and relaxing environment to enjoy their next presentation.

The Flooring Demands of Shopping Malls

With tens of thousands of visitors each day, shopping malls boast some of the highest foot traffic numbers of any retail facility. For that reason, shopping malls have a need for high end, industrial strength grade floors. Between unifying a retail space and reducing the amount of maintenance needed, epoxy floor coatings are the perfect addition to any shopping mall.

A successful shopping mall and heavy foot traffic go hand and hand… can your floors handle it?

With the need to withstand high wear and tear, shopping mall flooring must be stain, scuff, scratch and gouge resistant to provide maximum return on investment. Easily maintained, our epoxy and resinous floor coatings can greatly reduce these blemishes from occurring and at the same time complement the mall’s decor, giving a buy more attitude to the customers.

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