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What type of floor coating should I use?

We determine the best application based upon “where” the floor is and how much “wear” there is in your space. Is it indoors, outdoors, heavy traffic, low traffic, foot traffic, hydraulic lifts, exposed to sun or not, protection for oil, animals, etc.. We have a solution for ALL of these environment. For a garage, we would recommend a flake or quartz floor. Basement, possibly a full mechanical polish with a stain and seal. Pool deck, stain and seal. Retail space, mechanical polish, stain and seal, or an epoxy floor. Industrial floor, a resinous chemical and stain resistance floor.

How long will a quartz or flake floor last in my garage?
The floor could last up to 30 years with normal usage and proper regular cleaning.
Do I need to move things out of my garage?
Yes, all furniture needs to be removed so we have full access to the garage including all of the floor edges in order for us to finish the base. Normally, these can be placed somewhere else in the house, back deck or the driveway.
Do I need to clean or maintain the garage floor?
Yes, we recommend regular cleaning with all of our systems for extended wear and high levels of appearance. We recommend one our PH neutral cleaners, we also have a maintenance program for all floors we install.
How long will it take to install my garage floor?
The floor will be back in service in 24 hours.
What’s the difference between polished concrete and a epoxy floor?
Concrete polished: we use equipment and diamond tooling to grind and refine the floor until the pores are sealed and polished.

Epoxy floor is adding primers, base coat and topical layers in order to create a beautiful, long lasting, durable floor.

Is polished concrete environmentally friendly?
Yes, it offers LEED points by reusing existing building materials instead of creating by-products from manufacturing new ones.
Are there floors that are NOT ideal for polished concrete?
Yes, floors that will be constantly exposed to chemicals, oils, acids or water such as pool decks, driveways and walkways. In addition, sometimes existing concrete conditions require significant patching and repair leaving patches visibility. Ask us about better options for these conditions.
Do you have a product that can be installed in cold weather?
Yes, one of our solutions can be applied up to -32 degrees.
Can I use polished concrete outdoors?
If the polished concrete has a high sheen or gloss finish than it is not recommended, although a matte (up to a 100 grit) or even a satin finish could be. Engrave techniques, saw cuts, and exposed aggregate are decorative applications that are ideal for outdoor as well as indoor.
Are concrete floors slippery?
It may appear that the floors are slippery, but this is only because of the visual shine. These floors have been tested and have shown to either meet or exceed OSHA standards of .50 for slip resistance. We can also apply an additional sealer that will increase the slip co-efficient.
Is there a way to measure the amount of moisture in my floor?
Yes, we have a equipment and a method for this.
Can you add team logo’s, corporate logo’s or any type of decorative design on my floor?
All floor systems are slightly different but yes, we can do this either by dyeing the floor or by adding a decal and then by applying a sealer or epoxy over it for long term durability.
Can I pick the color of my floor?
All of our systems have nice color options, some have more flexibility for you to customize than others but ALL of our systems give you color options.
My concrete pavers have faded, can you recolor them?
Yes, we have UV inhibitors in our outdoor stain applications and sealers to revitalize and / or change the look of your landscape.
Will my resin flake or quartz garage floor be slippery?
No. The nature of our world class quartz and flake system creates a nice slip resistant finish that is highly cleanable.


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