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Easily Maintained & Highly Durably School Floor Coatings

School Floor Coatings & Institutional Floor Finishes

Traffic, traffic and more traffic. Schools and institutions have some of the most heavily foot traveled floors around. While kids don’t care about the floor, you do. From the cafeteria to locker rooms… food spills, floor drains, sweat, scuff marks, and urine. All of these create the perfect storm for breeding bacteria and  increasing the high labor costs to maintain the traditional floors used in these environments. A seamless resinous floor provides unequaled durability, stain and scratch resistance, clean-ability and design flexibility. Students and staff experience the benefits of a well kept facility with it’s cleanliness, great air quality and amazing looking floors.

Studies show that colors affect moods and study habits. Design firms implement the art and science of design and color mixing to create the optimal environments for students to learn based on a student age or function of the classroom. Our epoxy and overlayment flooring systems allow for complete adaptability for every environment. Clean, bright and fresh smelling floors promote health and focus while reducing stress, fatigue and distractions that scuffed, damaged and dirty floors contribute to.

Looking to make your school floors durable and easy to maintain!

Facility managers enjoy the benefits of a seamless floor:

  • Impact and damage resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Great color selection – match school colors
  • Eliminate waxing and burnishing
  • Eliminate airborne germs from buffing waxed floors
  • Better air quality
  • Slip resistant
  • Minimal cleaning chemicals (primary clean up is with water)
  • Resistant to oil and chemicals (various shop classes)
Polished Concrete Floor with Stencil at School

Multi-Purpose Room Floor Coatings

These rooms are being used all the time and expected to perform and look great whether it’s a choral concert, graduation, play or a pep rally. The flooring of choice is often VCT which is generally hard to maintain and requires much more attention. Auditorium or multi-purpose room resinous flooring or stained polished concrete outperforms VCT or carpet and creates a long term, beautiful flooring solution.

Attractive seamless Auditorium flooring solutions outperform others!

Classroom Floor Coatings

Creating cool, interactive floors help stimulate and promote learning no matter what age of students being supported. We can create learning cells, games and various top of mind facts students can learn. Great colors, texture, design, and slip resistance can all be customized to meet the needs of the application. Many may even select a combination of our floors in a given space to accent one area over another or based on the needs of the space.

Black Rhino Floors has proven, world class classroom and library floor systems for you.

You can eliminate the labor intense VCT flooring by utilizing our flooring systems. Summers tend to be the season where floors get striped, waxed and burnished and become ready for another year. Typically, these floors are cleaned nightly. With Black Rhino Floor products, there will be no more wax, yellowing, striping or airborne dust from buffing.

Polished Concrete Floor with Stencil at School

Shop Class Floor Coatings

While most educational facilities and rooms are highly traveled and heavily scheduled, the shop rooms have there own liquid spills and potential stains. Consider the oils, anti-freeze, gasoline, degreaser, battery acid, and other automotive related liquids. Typical concrete floors before long will be stained and impossible to clean. With Black Rhino’s stained and sealed concrete or our flake and quartz systems, these floors will be durable, stain resistant, and be easy to maintain.

No need to worry about gas, oils, and degreaser when using Black Rhino’s Flake and Quartz seamless flooring solutions!

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