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Milwaukee Basement Floor Coatings and Finishes

Tired of those ugly, uneven, boring and gray concrete floors or the smell from your carpets and the allergens they trap in? With concrete basement floor coatings, basement floor sealer, and basement finishes from Black Rhino, you now have choices! Turn your basement floors into beautiful, durable and easy to maintain floors. Creating wonderful looking spaces that can be enjoyed and shown off to your family and friends. Black Rhino Floors provides residential concrete floor coating options in Milwaukee and throughout Southeast Wisconsin.

Brown Epoxy Floor in Basement

Do you have a entertainment room, fitness space, man-cave, lower level kitchen or a workshop that you would like transformed? We have many options you’ll be excited to have installed. Important things to consider when planning your space are overall function, budget, colors, themes, durability, exposure to the elements and we would be happy to help you through these decisions.

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Laundry Room Floor Coating

I know, who wants to talk about laundry, but many homes still have laundry rooms in their less than cozy basements. Let’s change that. Typically, one of our recommendations is our flake system. The flake epoxy coating is the same industrial strength system used for automotive shops and manufacturing floors. It’s great for high traffic, high demand areas exposed to water, laundry detergent, bleach and other damaging liquids. This floor is impervious to almost anything you can throw at it. Our flake floors have many colors to choose from but we also provide you with the ability to custom mix colors to tie in with your existing decor.

Entertainment Room or Home Theater Floor Coating

On the other hand, if you’re looking to create a unique “wow factor” in your home theater or entertainment room, we may recommend our metallic epoxy or stained polished concrete with a fantastic high gloss appearance. Based on the nature of epoxy, it will move on the floor for a few hours before setting up, this allows for artistry, depth and the magnificent appearance of movement in your floor… creating a truly unique, one of a kind floor. Generally, we will combine two metallic colors for an extremely high-end look but we are able to add more.

Gray Metallic Floor Coating

Fitness Room Floor Coating

A stained mechanically polished concrete floor looks great and could last a lifetime. People like these floors because they are generally lower priced, extremely durable and easy to clean. If you like a more modeled, natural looking stone appearance, we would recommend using one of our acid stains. An acid stain will chemically react with the concrete causing it to look darker in some areas and lighter in others. This creates a very natural stone look. In addition, we are able to cut lines in your floor, furthering the appearance of natural stone or tile.

Stained Concrete Floor

What if my basement floor is cracked?

Many older basements in Milwaukee and throughout southeastern Wisconsin develop cracks over time.  If your floor is older with uneven cracking, we may recommend a self-leveling overlayment. A self-leveling overlay adds only ⅜” to the height of the floor if your existing floor is level. If not, it will flow to the areas that are low or where there are dips in the floor. While these floors are more expensive than those mentioned above, they allow for great color customization or even by broadcasting items into the floor.  For example, if you wanted to add a deck of playing cards into the resin floor, you could…a one of a kind entertainment room. There are some very creative ways to customize this type of floor. We can also closely resemble a mechanically polished concrete floor by adding stone to replicate aggregate exposure. The finished result is a very high-end, eye-catching floor that is extremely durable and easy to clean.
Sounds like a floor you may be interested in?

Table and Counter Epoxy Coatings

Beyond the floor, we can use our epoxy or overlayments to create great looking tables and counters. Create a cool industrial concrete floor and tie that in with your counters and tables. We can create a marble look with a live edge on your existing tables by utilizing our epoxy system, no longer needing to replace your tables to create amazing focal points in your room.

You can further customize your space by adding your favorite team logo, mascot, mural, 3D effects or even an elegant design as a border on your floor, table or countertop.

All of these products provide great looking, easy to maintain, long lasting surfaces.

Considering a project? Allow our great staff to layout the best options for you to choose from, you will be delighted!

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