Basement Floor Sealer

Basement Floors Never Looked So Good

Basement Floor Sealer

Gone are the days of boring concrete floors in your basement when you transition to a basement floor sealer like epoxy basement floor with a glass finish. Basement floor sealers have come a long way.  As an example, Black Rhino Floors can epoxy your basement floors with color, marbling, or even embed design elements (like stenciling or even a deck of cards!) that will make your boring basement floor become a center of attention in your neighborhood.

What is better than the styling available for the floors?  We can add a penetrating top coat to your basement floor coating that will make the floor as durable as the concrete underneath, yet the floor will be non-slip and easy to clean.  Just think of the possibilities of what your floor can look like when it transforms from a floor to a canvass for your imagination.  This ultimate flexibility for your epoxy basement floor is available from Black Rhino Floors.


One of the common requests we get is about the classic flake finish on an epoxy basement floor. Adding a flake finish to epoxy basement floors is common for us since it gives that look of quartz many people like. The flakes can be fun, adding in color combinations that cause the floor to highlight the rest of your décor of a room.

More than Just Basement Floor Sealers

As long as we are using our imagination, we can even go beyond epoxy.  With some of our advanced polishing and staining techniques, we can make your concrete floor look like slabs of beautiful rock with a mirror finish. Your old basement just became elegant and the envy of the neighborhood.

In God We Trust Floor Sealer Stencil GraphicNot sure what you want? We can mix and match, making one part of your floor epoxy and make another part of your floor stained or you can play with different color stains to create designs in your floor.  Using some special cutting techniques, we can even make the solid concrete floor look like individual stone pieces carefully laid together to build your floor.

Do you still want more ideas?  The work we do to enhance the beauty and durability of your concrete basement floor can be done on any concrete.  That means we can work our magic on everything from your concrete table or countertop to your driveway and back patio.

Still not convinced?  Our floors are so durable they are used in warehouses, manufacturing buildings, and airport hangers.  What is even better, you can choose a floor that is LEED certified, so you know your floor is environmentally friendly on top of being beautiful and durable. Oh, and it is always free to chat with us on the phone, so give us a call about any questions you have!

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