Concrete Floor Overlays & Toppings

Create a One-of-a-Kind Look with Floor Overlays & Toppings

Concrete Floor Overlayments and Micro-Toppings

Beautiful, high-gloss, polished concrete floors are the new trend in decorative flooring. They are very popular choices for high-profile, retail, commercial and industrial applications. While these are popular floor types, overlays and micro-toppings are great when the existing surface is in bad shape and or you desire a ultra high end finish. The beauty of an overlay is that it provides us with the ability to make structural repairs and broadcast highly desired materials while allowing the surface to be fully polishable.

Concrete Floor Overlay Coating

We can fix an existing floor in bad shape with a concrete repair underlayment and then utilize an overlayment. When using an overlay or micro-topping, design flexibility is limitless for creating that memorable, one of a kind floor. For example, if you’d like us to broadcast mirror chips and or aggregate, the finished design will look close to that of a terrazo stone aggregate floor with reflective mirror chips… an absolutely stunning, high-end design, making it a unforgetable space.

Let’s talk about using overlays or micro-toppings on your floors!

Increase the value, durability & appearance of your property or business facility with our high performance flooring systems.

While concrete floors with the installation of an overlay or micro-topping are probably the most expensive options, when compared to other floor coatings that Black Rhino Floors installs in the Hartford and Metro Milwaukee areas. They are very economical in comparing a natural stone or terrazo floor installation while having a much less costly and time consuming maintenance program.

Overlayments are generally installed at 3/8″ thick. Polished overlays offer qualities that cannot be achieved by mechanically polishing existing concrete, such as creating a white polished concrete floor and or a controlled even distribution of exposed aggregate.

Timing, work area preparation and teamwork are critical for successful in the installation of overlayments. At Black Rhino Floors, we know there are many moving parts for a floor installations like this which all need to flow and work together like clockwork. Our experience helps us overcome the challenges with the installation of this type of floor coating but the work is well worth it. Customers LOVE the complexity of design and high-end, classy looking floor that will change the entire overall feel and mood of a space like this!

Advantages of Using Overlays & Micro-Toppings on Concrete Floors

Polishable overlays allow for the high end polished concrete look without revealing the imperfections in the concrete surface. Here are the advantages:

  • Fixes existing flooring problems
  • Self-Leveling
  • Polishable
  • Traction customizable
  • Design and color flexibility
  • Unlimited amount of add in elements (mirror chips, nuts & bolts, playing cards, casino chips, and logos and stencils)
  • Fast turn-around for an areas return to service

Micro-Toppings on Concrete Floors

Micro-toppings can be successfully installed over any hard surface including concrete, terrazzo and tiles, with a fast turnaround time. Floors with micro-toppings are great solutions for environmentally friendly companies while being highly resistant to mold, mildew, foot traffic. They offer incredibly long term, economical solutions. Micro-topped floors have captured the design community’s attention because it allows for design flexibility and an extremely modern, fashion forward statement. Black Rhino Floors can also install additional design features, such as cut lines and logos for further brand impact.

Cement-based microtoppings and skim coats can be used both indoors and out to provide a clean canvas for decorative treatments such as stains, dyes and stenciled patterns. Some of our systems come pre-tinted in a wide range of colors, while others can be custom tinted by mixing in the desired amount of liquid coloring agent. Interesting color variations can be achieved by applying multiple layers of different color hues. These micro-toppings can also be used for an industrial, raw looking finished top coat.

Often, floors with micro-toppings are hand troweled, brushed or rolled on depending on the texture and slip resistance desired. These floors are extremely minimal in thickness and in some cases a layer as thin as 20 mils.

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