Milwaukee Commercial Concrete Floor Coatings

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Milwaukee Commercial Concrete Floor Coatings

Milwaukee Commercial floor coatings that are beautiful, durable, skid-resistant, and easy-to-clean would be the dream of every every mall, store, school or office and facility manager. Typical coatings and treatments for concrete floors require costly, labor intensive and constant maintenance like burnishing (buffing) and waxing. These less-than-ideal flooring options can result in customer inconvenience, expensive downtime and overall higher life cycle cost.

At Black Rhino Floors, we have some great alternatives. Our dream-like, durable, easy to maintain, decorative epoxy coatings for commercial and retail flooring require no special sealers or cleaning once installed—simply keep them clean with a broom and mop! Our Milwaukee commercial floor coatings are perfect for retail and office floors, hospitality and restaurant floors, and educational or institutional floors.

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Looking to beautify and protect your commercial floors!

LEED Certified & Environmentally Friendly

LEED Certification LogoIt’s an exciting time to be in the concrete polishing business since there have been incredible advancements in materials, allowing for almost an unlimited amount of colors, designs and applications. If you are specifying a mechanically polished floor from Black Rhino Floors for your commercial facility, you are eligible for “LEED” (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points for your environment initiatives. LEED is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. It provides a framework that project teams can apply to create a healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green building. LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement.

LEED Certification is a voluntary program that promotes a positive environmental image to the community. Additionally, when applying these green practices, it can lead to energy and cost savings, better indoor air quality, and more daylight. Studies have revealed those that work in a building like this have increased productivity, less sick leave and less turn-over. These benefits translate directly into greater compensation and more profits to the bottom line. Within the educational environment, students have higher test scores and lower absenteeism. On the retail side, higher sales have been connected to day-lit stores. Along with all of the day to day benefits on the students, employees and customers, LEED Certification also provides tax credits and benefits.

Concrete Floor Coating Color Options

Get a better idea of the stock colors we offer and “look” you will be able to achieve. If you do not see a color you like, most likely we will be able to create it with our almost limitless color options and combinations.

Commercial Application Flexibility

Since there is so much flexibility with the Black Rhino Floor coating systems, it has grabbed the architectural communities attention when specifying design forward, lower cost of installation and maintenance, industrial strength commercial flooring systems are available in a wide selection of colors and customer blends. You can utilize special concrete coating designs, shapes, and textures to encourage traffic patterns, delineate departments or even present your company logo under easy-to-clean clear epoxy coatings. Black Rhino Floors is certified to work with many globally recognized flooring systems for all types of commercial applications.

Our high performance systems for commercial concrete floor coatings can withstand the heavy traffic, and daily cleaning. If you are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, or anywhere in the Midwest, you already know how hard winter is on concrete floors.  Even indoor floors get salt contamination.  Wet floors from tracked in snow become slip hazards.  Old floors get cracked and unsightly.  We have solutions for all of these problems.

We also offer a low-odor options, making it easier to install a new floor without seriously interrupting your day-to-day schedule of operations. No matter how busy your office, shopping center, retail or grocery store, our collection of beautifully durable, slip-resistant coatings keeps your facility looking its best for longer.

Commercial Floor Coating Advantages

What’s your criteria for your floors? Here’s why Black Rhino Floors is a smart solution to solving commercial floor needs:

  • Withstands heavy foot traffic
  • High slip coefficient
  • Self-leveling floor system
  • Resistant to chemicals or harsh liquids
  • UV resistant
  • Design and color flexibility
  • Desired appearance on a restricted
  • Corporate brand can be added in the
  • High light reflectivity
  • Can meet brand standards for a national
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Reduction in bacteria
  • Ease of maintenance
  • High end design
  • Theme based design
School Hallway Polished Concrete Floor Coating

Commercial Floor Coating Recommendations

When consulting our team, we need to understand your commecial floor specifications and budget prior to suggesting floor options. Two important words to consider for your project are where and wear: WHERE the floor is being installed and what type of WEAR will the floor be exposed to.



Where is the floor located and what type of appearance are you trying to achieve? Example: If you’re a museum looking for a marble floor appearance then we would recommend our epoxy. If you’re an Urban Outfitter store, a better fit would be a stained, mechanically polished concrete.


What type of wear does the floor need to withstand? Example: Is it a university with 40,000 students walking on it daily or a restaurant with the potential of many types of liquid spills and a kitchen with a drain requiring nightly cleans and bacteria control?

Commercial Floor Coating Applications

  • Commercial Office Space
  • Retail & Department Stores
  • Grocery, Bakery & Deli Stores
  • Educational & Institutional
  • Hospitality & Restaurants
  • Movie Theater
  • Shopping Malls
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Freezers & Walk-In Coolers
  • Hotels & Resorts
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