What is a resinous floor? Really it’s just a fancy word for a durable coating that is used on concrete poured flooring, commonly found in your garage or basement. Rather than sticking with the standard raw gray concrete, homeowners these days are coating their garage and basement floors with a durable, stain-resistant, and sometimes absolutely beautiful finish.

But which resinous floor types are the most popular? What are the differences, and which will give you a “wow-factor” when entertaining or re-selling your home? Keep reading to find out.

Types of Garage and Basement Floor Finishes

Grind, Stain and Seal Floor Finish

Grind stain coat floor coating

Grind and seal flooring is a budget-friendly great way to elevate your garage or basement floor by re-finishing the existing concrete without having to add another layer of flooring on top. While there are no fancy colors, swirls or metallics, simply grinding and sealing your floors can make a space look brand new, as well as protect it from stains and damage. You can also add a step in there to stain the floor before sealing for some extra color. 

A grind and seal treatment targets old cracks and other damages and restores your concrete to its original beauty. This is achieved by grinding the floor, similar to the process of taking sandpaper to wood to create a smooth finish.

In this treatment, professional flooring teams at Black Rhino Floors open up the pores of your concrete and create an undetectable circular scratch pattern that allows the application of 1-2 coats of the clear, odorless, water-based, resin; Polyurethane coating. At the conclusion of the treatment, your garage or basement concrete floor will look brand new without breaking the bank!

The size and condition of your space determines what kind of budget is needed, but most Grind and Seal projects are in the $2.50 – $5.00 per square foot price range. Contact us for an accurate quote on your project.

Multi-Color Flake Floor Finish

Multi-Color Flake Floor Coating

The most popular floor coating with homeowners is a resinous, multi-color flake floor. It is ideal for a variety of residential areas including garages, basements, laundry rooms, porches, and patios.

Black Rhino uses a four-layer system, combining beauty and durability at an affordable price making it our best seller. 

Flake floor coatings give customers the ultimate color flexibility for creating attractive, customized spaces. The flake coating system is fantastic at hiding concrete damage and cracks too! Black Rhino uses a resin repair system that keeps damage from ever being noticeable after the floor is finished.

Floors with a flake finish are ideal for hiding dust and debris, while completely sealing surfaces to prevent mold in mildew growth.

The resins Black Rhino uses on flake floors are polyurea and polyaspartic. Together, these two resins offer some of the greatest UV resistance, adhesion, and flexibility offered today. This combination of characteristics makes it a viable option in many applications from residential to industrial.

Pricing is based on the size and condition of your floor before the project. In general, most Multi-Color Flake Floor Coating projects are in the $3.95 – $6.95 per square foot price range. Contact us for an accurate quote on your project.

Metallic Floor Finish

Metallic Floor Coating

Metallic floor coatings are by far the most stunning and beautiful option available. A custom look is achieved every time by the combination of colors, technique, and additives to give it a metallic, glitter or marble appearance. This flooring creates a genuine “wow-factor” in residential spaces with depth and movement that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Along with the artistic beauty that is a result of epoxy metallic floor finishes, customers also enjoy a highly durable floor resistant to chemicals, oils, and hot tires (if used in a garage). Even though these floors might look delicately gorgeous, they can last indefinitely when properly applied in the right environment.

Choose your installer carefully when getting a metallic floor coating. Air bubbles and imperfections are common and only experienced installers who stand behind their work, like Black Rhino, should be trusted with this floor finish.

As with all project, metallic floor coating prices are based on the size and condition of your floor. Most Epoxy Metallic Floor Finishes cost between $6.95 – $9.95 per square foot. Contact us for an accurate quote on your project.

More Popular Floor Finish Resources

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