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Garage Floor Coatings and Finishes in the Milwaukee Area

You can transform your garage into a beautiful, durable and long lasting space with garage coatings from Black Rhino. Your garage will be transformed into an entirely new look and feel when you go from a bare concrete floor to one of our beautiful finishes.  The coatings and finishes we recommend for garage floors in Southeastern Wisconsin will last years without the need for constant maintenance.

Imagine using your newly upgraded space for parties, boats, or cars without worrying about the floor. Black Rhino Floors specializes in a number of industrial grade garage floor coatings and garage floor finishes for your garage and residential concrete floors. If our floors get installed in high traffic warehouses and airplane hangars, you can have confidence your garage floor will stay beautiful for many years to come.  

Garage Floor Coatings - Flake Finish

Flake Finish Used in Garage Floor Coatings

We generally recommend one of two different kinds of floor coatings because they are durable and very popular.  The two most popular flooring types in these areas are quartz and flake.

These two coatings provide highly durable, traction control and impervious flooring types that work well with our Wisconsin weather as well as the wear and tear associated with garages. These two types come in a variety of colors and a limitless amount of combinations of colors.If you’d like to review all of our floor types, you can click here to see them.

Black Rhino Floors’s focus on the Metro Milwaukee area and we do all our jobs ourselves.  Beware of the websites that are just asking for your contact information so they can resell your name to a local contractor.

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