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Brilliant Pool & Patio Surface Coating Solutions

Pool and Patio Surface Coatings and Staining

While wood or composite patios and decks are popular, concrete and paver patios have become increasingly popular due to the design options, cost, and durability/longevity of the materials used. The life cycle of concrete paired with a durable pool and patio surface coating from Black Rhino Floors far outweighs other types of materials with the increased benefit of minimal maintenance. 

If you have an existing concrete deck or patio, consider making wonderful improvements and upgrades by staining or adding a micro topping to achieve an entirely new fresh look. With a patio surface coating upgrade, your patio and deck can become a fabulous extension of your house for areas of entertainment, family time and more space to focus on relationships. In fact, Black Rhino can help with all your residential concrete floor coating needs!

Planning a new construction project, transform your plain old gray concrete surfaces into something brilliant and masterful. Plan the design of your surfaces around your land and hardscape designs, creating a seamless overall theme from one design element to the next… from your driveway to your patio and onto your pool deck.

Looking to beautify and protect your pool and patio surfaces!

Why Choose Concrete Staining for Outdoor Surfaces

Typically your investment to beautify your concrete surfaces will be less costly than brick or natural stone and require much less labor to install and maintain. The lower price, combined with almost limitless UV stable stains, treatments, and artistic applications can help you achieve incredible economical designs.

Stained Concrete Patio Surface

Concrete is easy to maintain compared to pavers and wood decks. With concrete you don’t have the same joint issues you do with pavers where grass and weeds grow through… pretty normal to be challenged by trying to keep weeds and grass from growing in unwanted places. Wood decks, you know the maintenance involved with that, from warping, mold, restaining and sealing… maintenance that is greatly minimized or eliminated with concrete.

Black Rhino technicians have been trained and certified to use globally recognized concrete stains and systems to transform your surfaces. Stains allow for subtle hints of color, bold design accents or even custom graphics. Concrete stains penetrate deep in the surface providing fade-resistance and permanent color, unlike paint which is topical and will quickly flake, chip or peel away.

Pool and Patio Surface Colors

Depending on the overall design and appearance you’d like to achieve, you can choose from our acid-based or water-based stains. Acid based stains penetrate and react chemically with the concrete, creating natural color variations. This adds highly desired, very cool, one of a kind character to your floor. Unfortunately, the color selection is a bit more limited to earth tones such as tans, browns, terracotta and soft blue-greens.

Brown Stained Concrete Patio Surface

If earth tones or a subtle design aren’t what you have in mind, you will be a natural fit for our vibrant, full spectrum water-based stains. If you don’t see a color you like, we are often able to mix colors to create exactly what you’ve dreamed about. There are truly endless combinations and decorative effects that can be achieved with either acid or water-based stains. The most popular tends to be a single color hue that complements your landscaping.

Pool and Patio Surface Coating Design Options

  • Add a stained border to your sidewalks or pool deck
  • Use multiple stain colors, giving it the appearance of natural stone
  • A patio that looks like marble
  • Add a graphic to your stained concrete
  • Use stain and cut designs in the floor to give it the appearance of tile.
  • Bring your patio to life with an antiquing stain

You can also use stains along with concrete dyes or integral color to create other unique decorative effects.

Keep in mind while staining is a comparatively low-cost finish option for a concrete patio, adding multiple stain colors, custom graphics, faux finishes, or staining existing concrete that needs extensive cleaning and sealer removal will add cost to the overall project.

Considering a project? Allow our great staff to layout the best options for you to choose from, you will be delighted.


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