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While Black Rhino Floors dedicates significant resources preparing concrete surfaces for new floors, including concrete polishing, staining and decorative epoxys. Additionally we provide game changing cleaning and sealing options for existing VCT (vinyl composite tile), ceramic tile and concrete floors.

Slippery floors are not only dangerous, but also costly to an owner. Eighty-five percent of workers comp. claims come from slip-and-falls at an annual national cost of $70 billion. About a quarter of all employees who are benefiting from workers comp claims are off the job for an average of 31 days. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average slip and fall insurance claim is for $50,000.

Tile Floor Before Cleaning from Black Rhino Floors Service Tile Floor After Cleaning from Black Rhino Floors Service
Many slip and fall accidents can be eliminated by simply increasing the co-efficient of friction or traction of the floors surface. Average coatings have a .5 or less rating.

Let’s take a look at each type of floor mentioned above, point out the challenges as well as share our solutions in eliminating your costly maintenance cycle by using Black Rhino floor services.

We can help clean, strip and seal your hard floor surfaces!

Challenges with VCT (vinyl composite floors)

VCT looks great, is rather inexpensive to install and allows for good color and design flexibility. However, while this is probably the least expensive floor to install, it requires a high frequency of striping, cleaning, waxing and in many high foot traffic areas nightly burnishing (burnishing – a process with a machine called a burnisher. This machine spins a soft pad at high speeds, heating up the wax, melting and repairing scratches, restoring the shinny surface).

While these methods are effective, they are short-lived, labor and chemical intensive and add significant life cycle cost to the floor. Wax makes a floor look great, however it is actually a sacrificial coating meant to wear off. The wax is scratched and worn while the floor itself is not. The challenge with wax is that it is very soft and scratches, marks and yellows easily. This requires repeated applications generally on an annual basis with nightly or weekly burnishing… so the costly cycle repeats itself.

In addition, VCT floors are petri dishes for germs and bacteria. Every time a waxed floor needs to be burnished (in some cases nightly) it creates dust particles. The dust created is filled with germs from the floor and is now filling the air you breathe. This is especially challenging in Healthcare and Educational facilities.

VCT Floor Refinishing
Floor sealed with our Glass Guard Floor Sealer

Challenges with Ceramic / Porcelain Tile & Grout

Ceramic and porcelain tile floors offer long life, durability and water resistance with good design capabilities. In addition to great color options, textures are often introduced to aid in the overall design, dimensional appearance and slip resistance of the floor.

While tiles can create some of the greatest looking floors, the positives quickly become negatives when trying to maintain the “like new” appearance. These floors are used in restrooms, commercial kitchens, restaurants and in high traffic public areas where there is the potential for wet floors. While the tile is made for durability and high traffic areas, they also become areas where liquid spills and dirt collect.

Maintenance of tile floors usually includes consistent nightly mopping or cleaning with an auto scrubber. This does a great job on collecting dust and light debris but very little on build up in the textured areas of the tile and or bacteria formed in the grout. Bacteria in grout is a significant challenge for owners of ceramic tile floors. Bacteria produces odors, odors will affect your customers which ultimately will affect your bottom line revenue, if not addressed. In restrooms, the primary cause of bad odors is urine trapped in grout, without proper remediation of the bacteria at the root level, the odor and germs will remain and spread.

Challenges with Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are being used in retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing, trendy restaurants, offices, and homes everywhere. A huge benefit of concrete floors is their affordability short and long term compared to other flooring options. The lifetime cost of a concrete floor is very low thanks to the little upkeep needed to maintain a great looking floor that will last for years. Properly sealed concrete floors are cleaned with a quick pass of a dust mop. For an occasional deep clean, a neutral cleaner and water can be used. The frequency of maintenance is dependent on the amount of traffic the floor receives.

Today, your concrete surface no longer needs to remain a boring gray unfinished surface. There are many decorative stains, sealers and epoxy’s available to create stunning looking floors – see colors here. Some problems associated with concrete floors are related to their need to breathe and susceptibility to food, oil and chemical stains.


Our Process!

Black Rhino Floors’ first step is always to deep clean the floor with a combination of our 100% natural cleaning solution that attacks bacteria at the root and removes it. Using our state of the art industrial equipment which extracts the bacteria and dirt, we will restore the floor color. It’s amazing how great rooms smell, especially bathrooms, when the odor causing bacteria is removed at the root level.

Next step; to make sure the bacteria does not return, we use our environmentally friendly, labor-saving sealing system that virtually eliminates the expensive, endless strip and refinishing programs. Just dust-mop, wet-mop when necessary and periodically autoscrub. That’s all.

What is Glass Guard Floor Sealer?

Glass Guard is an ultra strong, fast drying floor sealer used by Black Rhino that is penetrating and form filling. It creates a strong bond to floor surfaces with a glass-like hardness resistant to bacteria. Glass Guard is made from a proprietary blend of silicas and natural ingredients. Here are more details on it’s revolutionary advantages and benefits:


Advantages of Glass Guard Sealer

  • Strongest coating available
  • Superior scuff resistance
  • Superior extended wear & scratch
  • Superior Coefficient of friction. 0.78-0.91
    wet or dry.
  • Increases tensile strength of the tile and
  • Quickest drying – within 10 minutes to the
    touch, 60 minutes for foot traffic.
  • Can be burnished 24-72 hours after
    application to provide a flat, satin or gloss
  • Will not white out like other tile & grout
  • Not moisture sensitive

Benefits of Glass Guard Sealer

  • Eliminates stripping and waxing
  • Eliminates cleaning chemicals
  • Eliminates odor causing bacteria
  • Eliminate UV fading
  • Reduce frequency of cleans
  • Reduce your labor cost
  • Reduce slip and fall claims
  • Increase slip co-efficient
  • Increase floor longevity
  • Increase scratch resistance
  • Easiest clean up… water and a mop or                              autoscrubber

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