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Floor Maintenance

Experienced Floor Maintenance Services

Floor Maintenance Services

Congratulations! If you’ve selected or are considering one of our floor coatings, any one of them will minimize your floor maintenance and provide you with a beautiful, long term and a very durable surface.

All of the floor coating systems that Black Rhino Floors installs exceed the manufacturers standards and last for many years. Unfortunately, like any other floor, your floor will need a little attention from time to time to make sure it’s holding up against the demands you place on it.

The amount of maintenance your floor will need largely depends on the amount of traffic it receives. The maintenance needs of a residential floor will be much different than that of a floor in a high-traffic commercial or retail environment. Check out all of our floor services to see how we can help!

Pressure Washed Pavers - Floor Maintenance

We have products and floor maintenance services for every type of floor we install. Each floor coating system utilizes a different  sealer (penetrating vs topical), stain or product that will vary the cleaning and maintenance needed on each.

We can provide the products and services you need for floor maintenance. Let’s talk!

General Maintenance Tips for Interior Floors

These steps can be managed by the homeowner or facilities management staff

  • Dry mop daily
    Remove soils and grime. These can be abrasive and ruin the clarity and shine of a mechanically polished concrete floor
  • Clean up spills immediately
    Polished concrete floors are harder and more dense than most, giving a natural resistance to spills compared to other floors. (If a cleaner is required, use our OHX, PH-neutral cleaner)
  • When wet mopping
    Use a neutral floor cleaner formulated to suspend the dirt particles so they can be more easily removed. We have a specially engineered neutral cleaner available for your use.
VCT Floor After Maintenance Services from Black Rhino Floors VCT Floor After Maintenance Services from Black Rhino Floors

These steps are recommended to be managed by a professional team

  • Epoxy Floor Coating
    These floors may need light sanding followed along with a new top coat
  • Flake or Quartz Floor Coating
    These floors may need a deep clean with an auto-scrubber and our OHX ph neutral cleaner
  • Polished Concrete (all 3 steps are possible)
    1. Auto-scrubing the floor as often as possible with our OHX cleaner is a great option
    2. Burnish the floor based on foot traffic which could be weekly, monthly or just a couple times a year.
    3. Re-apply our concrete sealer and burnish the floor

General Maintenance Tips for Exterior Floors

Stained Concrete

When properly protected and cared for, colored concrete will retain its beauty for decades. Maintenance requirements will vary depending on the type of color used and the exposure conditions. For most projects, Black Rhino will apply a clear sealer to newly colored concrete for additional protection from abrasion, chemicals and UV exposure. A sealer can also provide aesthetic benefits by adding sheen and intensifying the color. For exterior surfaces or concrete subject to heavy wear, it may be necessary to re-apply a new coat of sealer every year or two to preserve the color.

  • Clean up spills immediately
    Polished concrete floors are harder and more dense than most so it will resist spills better than others. (If a cleaner is required, use a PH neutral cleaner).
  • Pressure Wash
    Use a pressure washer and a neutral floor cleaner formulated to remove oils, grease or mold/algae build up to remove these contaminants. Our all purpose cleaner is great for this general cleaning.

Stain Cleaning Tips and Solution:

We recommend our OHX multi-purpose cleaning solution for interior and exterior cleaning.

What is our multi-purpose cleaner?

Our product is gentle enough for fabric, yet powerful enough for concrete.

  • It is a powder – crystal form
  • Contains titanium dioxide – bio-friendly biocide
  • No phosphates, chlorine, perfume or dyes.

What does our multi-purpose product clean?

  • Removes bacteria, viruses, algae and mold
  • Deep cleans and detaches the root of bacteria and deodorizes
  • Outperforms all other PH-Neutral cleaners
  • Removes: Ground in dirt & yellowing on wax floors, road & parking lot grime, grease & oil, urine, tannin stains and airborne hydrocarbons

Where can I use it?

  • Carpeting, VCT, Ceramic tile & grout, terrazzo, concrete driveways-walkways-patios, concrete walls (poured and block), pavers, brick & mortar, stucco, all roof surfaces, vinyl siding, A/C coils & cabinets, wood joists, unpainted wood fencing-decks-docks, water filters for swimming pools, hot tub, automotive air filters and it is an all-in-one laundry detergent.

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