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Cement Floor Coating Types and Options

If you are looking for cement floor coatings, we have great news for you!  We have an application for any coating style you are looking for.  With so many options and color choices, deciding may be the hardest part of getting your cement floor coated.

Below you will find various floor coatings you can choose from Black Rhino Floors.  We have every kind of cement floor coating you could want such as classic epoxy floor coatings and high-tech floors like our liquid glass option that is ultra-durable yet beautiful.  Below you can see a sample of  cement coatings you can choose from for your concrete floor.  It does not matter if you want to spruce up your basement floor or coat a high traffic floor in a manufacturing facility, we have a floor you are going to love at a great price. 

If you’d like more information, please click on cement floor coating type below and it will take you to the specific page with more details. If you have more questions and need specific data on each of these, please give us a call at 262-573-0428 and we’d be glad to provide whatever you need to aid in your decision based on your specific needs.

Polished Cement Floor Coatings

A full mechanically polished cement floor utilizes the existing concrete slab as the finished floor for a cost-effective, long-term flooring solution. This beautiful and highly reflective finished floor is achieved by a process using industrial concrete grinders and diamond tooling.  Learn More >>

Grind, Stain, & Seal Cement Floor Coatings

With a two-step cement floor grinding with staining and sealing service, sealing is a great economical alternative to the full 10 step mechanical polish service. It is also a longer-term floor type when compared to topical polish. This two-step process will leave the concrete surface very flat and uniform.

Typically, we will use a water-based stain that has a finish ranging from transparent to opaque and is very uniform. Once the stain is applied, we then add our ultra-durable sealer.  Learn More >>

Flake Cement Floor Coatings

Flake chip systems create a vibrant, seamless, resilient surface, unlike a plain gray cement slab. Although this floor type is rather simple both in composition and installation, it yields an exceptionally durable and long lasting floor. It is designed to provide a capable, terrazzo-like seamless flooring finish suitable for numerous types of commercial and residential flooring applications

This concrete coating system is generally a three-layer system. First, we prepare the surface by grinding to set up for a proper adhesion that meets the specification of the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) concrete surface profile. Once the floor is ready for the flake system, we will lay down the prime/cast coat, broadcast the flake to full refusal or rejection and then apply a top coat.  Learn More >>


Epoxy Cement Floor Coatings (Solid, Metallic, Glitter)

Epoxy floor coatings are incredibly versatile for a basement, workshop, conference table, countertops, a highly decorative piece of artwork, art gallery or retail space. Our surface preparation method includes grinding the cement surface with our industrial strength diamond grinding equipment.

Surface preparation is key to the longevity of epoxy floor for it to last decades.  Ever since the first cement floor, people have pursued ways to protect and beautify the surface. Epoxy coatings have been used to protect cement floors now for many, many years.  A typical application consists of an epoxy primer, a color base coat and two layers of polyurethane.  Learn More >>


Cement Floor Overlayments and Micro-Toppings

You can create a look like Terrazzo or aggregate type stone with overlayments and micro-toppings as your cement floor coating.  Overlays and micro-toppings are great when the existing surface is in bad shape and/or you desire an ultra-high-end finish.  Polished overlays offer qualities that cannot be achieved by mechanically polishing existing concrete, such as creating a white polished concrete floor and/or an even controlled distribution of exposed aggregate.

Concrete floors with an overlay or micro-topping are usually the most expensive concrete coating option, but they are less costly than natural stone or terrazzo floor installation, and they are low maintenance.  Customers LOVE the great looking complexity of design of this concrete coating.  Learn More >>


Cement Floor Stains, Dyes, & Sealers

Staining cement is an economical and highly versatile way to upgrade the look of both new and existing floors and patios. With stains, you can add subtle hints of color, bolder design accents, and even custom graphics. What’s more, concrete stains have small particles that penetrate deep into the concrete surface that produce fade-resistant, permanent color. Unlike with a paint or coating, the color won’t flake off or peel away.  Learn More >>



There are endless decorative effects you can achieve when using stains and our other floor types. Call us today at 262-573-0428 to talk about options.

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